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Ice-cold Boston Bruiser

Icy Sleaze Pan

Welcome back to hockey season. Tighten up your laces when you skate with Boston writers, we came up painting in blizzards with Rusto metallics and all-weather chrome-killer bitumen-black. Guys out here are no strangers to a scrap either–styles are so smooth and fluent you won’t even notice the gloves as they drop to the ice.

Prizefighter Sleaze sketch

I’m rocking this season-opener under the self-proclaimed moniker “Master of Sleaze”. To earn that title, it takes ten-thousand hours of sloshing in the streets with fresh paint, bad tattoos, and bottom-shelf whiskey.  Open up a can of oil-borne undercoating out here for a mid-February get-up; find out the sleaze is so thick it’ll break off your stir-stick.

Master of Sleaze

Icy Sleeze

Old Tyme Graffiti up here in the Bean–board-bangin’ slap-shots and body-checks. See you in the post-season, hoss.


Sour-Apple Pucker-Pyse


"Sour Apple Jolly Rancher" @Beverly, MA


Summer 2016 in Massachusetts has been hot, muggy swampfest of a season, the heavy air sticks to the skin like sugar-candy. I used to dig on the sour-apple suckers as a kid in this kind of weather. Sometimes I’d drop an unwrapped Rancher onto the hot blacktop and watch it melt down into a slick glycerin puddle. I still have a sweet-tooth for that cloying style as an adult–the glowing translucent green-apple candies wrapped in pink-striped plastic.

Jolly Rancher 9 Jolly Rancher Detail

Mr. John Clemenzi, owner of the industrial park and the graffiti-wall that it includes, dropped by while I was painting for a chat. The north shore scene owes a lot to this guy, he’s provided us all with a free and open venue to paint and express ourselves in an otherwise inhospitable environment here in New England. Plus the man genuinely appreciates good pieces of graf… He’s gone out of his way to maintain the free wall despite endless headaches like gang activity on his property and vandalism on the sides and front face of his building; give the guy a break y’all.

Jolly Rancher 1 Jolly Rancher 5

Nothing sets off a brilliant lime-to-poison-green fade like a deep-purple outline. This one is brought to you by Belton’s Anthracite Grey. The Yellow Rope is Flame’s Cadmium Yellow, and as always, the background is only the finest Ben Moore Ultra-Spec Matte-Black. Superior Toy-coverage and lightning-fast dry-times are key. Cheers y’all, you can catch me at Nichol’s candies off exit twelve on the only Cape worth visiting.

Jolly Rancher Detail 2

Jolly Rancher

Pyse dances with Death in the cold autumn moonlight.

A few weeks ago, as Halloween approached and the veil between this world and the next was at its thinnest and most penetrable, I felt the angel of death brush past me…

Reaper Pyse Reaper Pan

“I have seen the moment of my greatness flicker,

And I have seen the eternal Footman hold my coat, and snicker,

And in short, I was afraid.”

-T.S. Eliot

Reaper Detail 1 Reaper Rollin' Thundah Reaper Detail 2 Spared for another day. Reaper Pyse Pyse Copyright

…decaying burner by PYSE, grim reaper character by PYSE. Beverly, MA. October 2015.

For the Love of Graffiti


Bruins Pride

About halfway through the story of Tiger vs. Pyse, our west-coast cat shape-shifts to assume another of his incarnated forms: P-ride CTK CTV. With an alternate letter-set to rock with that’s as worn-in as a pair of hockey skates, the Pridemonster takes to the ice in Bruins’ black and gold. His season opener sports Bali-blue highlights cut as sharp as sapphires with chilling precision and prideful indignation–a piece that threatens to pull your shirt over your head and beat your nose bloody. I’ve overheard gossip in the stands lately about the “giftedness” and “phenomena” of certain writers on the bench. Those are words that only spectators use. The guys who are out here playing in the paint every week and supplying this spectator sport are punching clocks every time they drop the gloves. Nobody who’s any good is out there talking about getting rich; they’re talking about getting back to work. Not everyone can play the sport like Bobby Orr played it, and that’s okay with me; it takes just as much heart to play exclusively for the love of the game. The pieces below were painted for no occasion whatsoever:

Pride floats across the continent from Santa Cruz on a cloud of the highest-grade smoke while Fritz the cat puffs and plots some stick-up art of his own. (Fritz by Pyse)

Pyse’s cherry-rock piece bleeds black from bullet-holes and rains flat Rusto drips while flexing in a Satin-white outline that’s so fresh and so clean.

Pride comes back around the block once more to show us the westerly art of the “Chaos Piece” in which each letter bumps a different color scheme. Dopey (by Pride) drops out of Disney to emcee the whole production…I wonder what he’s holding in that hand behind his back…

These are the last efforts from the PrideTiger Vs. Pyse exhibition match of Summer 2015. There’s still some dispute about who took the title, my manager is looking for a rematch in Santa Cruz this winter. Tighten your skates and tape up your sticks boys.

Pride and Fritz2 Fritz2 Black Cherry Pyse Drenched in the Dark Cherry Detail 2 Pride Chaos Piece

Dopey Pan

PYSE warms-up his paint-paw ahead of the Flatrocks Gallery Show…

Beverly, MA August ’15

I took some time off from my vacation in Maine to come back South and put in some work for you guys. This little silver gem has been described as “Straight Fire” by prominent graf cats on the West Coast. Piece by PYSE, character by unknown. Belton “Chrome-Effect” fill-in outlined by MTN “Rojo Claro”. Translucent White shows up on Silver like a thin layer of snow on a frozen lake; dig the starburst highlights to the sides. This piece was a warm-up that I painted the day before my gallery show in Lanesville, MA…

Beverly, MA. August, '15

Beverly, MA. August, '15

Beverly, MA. August, '15


Burning with Fritz the Cat

Beverly, MA July 2015

Beverly, MA July 2015

Last week I was up late watching Netflix and had the pleasure of watching “The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat”, an animated film based on the comic strip by the famous R. Crumb. Being an alley cat myself, I knew we’d eventually get down. Smoking Burner by PYSE, Fritz the Cat by a VERY special anonymous guest (Fritz sketch by PYSE). I’ve been really stoked on transparent paints lately, evidenced here by the starburst on the far left and the smoke drifting from Fritz’s, a ‘hem, cigarette.

Beverly, MA July 2015

Beverly, MA July 2015

Fritz Sketch

PYSE Blockbusts-up in Beverly

Beverly, June 2015

Beverly, June 2015


Beverly, June 2015

Beverly, June 2015

…Sometimes being a professional house-painter by day has its advantages. This Blockbuster was painted entirely with a 9” roller, a 3” roller, and a 16′ roller-pole. PYSE also has a seemingly endless supply of acrylic house-paint, this one features a fill-in with the finest Benjamin Moore ‘Regal Select Interior’ Matte-Finish “Abalone Grey”, and an outline in Ben Moore ‘Ultra-Spec 500 Interior’ Flat-Finish “Deep Royal”. Anything less would be uncivilized.

Pyse makes his Triumphant Return to the North Shore.

Beverly, MA, May 2015

Beverly, MA, May 2015

Beverly, MA, May 2015

Beverly, MA, May 2015

Beverly, MA 2015

Beverly, MA 2015

Beverly, MA, May 2015

Beverly, MA, May 2015

Pyse117 celebrates his healthy, happy, and safe return to the North Shore of Massachusetts with a fresh Burner and a big Welcome-home to inexplicable, irrepressible, unemployable Talerock86. This little beauty features a deep-mauve-to-flat-black fill-in with an Easter-yellow (Montana Goldline) outline, Dayz-yellow (Plutonium) 3-d, and highlights in Madrid-red (MTN Hardcore). The theme here is the successful navigation of an asteroid field painted in Barcelona-blue (MTN 94). Still sizzling from the strength of the Florida sun, Pyse cools out in the frigid darkness and peaceful isolation of his home-nebula in the deep-space-Cape.