Bringing you the very highest quality custom mural art and graffiti stylings since 2009


In early 2011, Danny began painting large canvas pieces in his studio. These pieces are painted on 4’x8’ sheets of construction-grade Luan ultra-thin plywood and can be hung by their custom mountings in any interior space. In his recent canvas work, Danny has focused on the combination of abstractly structured letters with larger-than-life portraits, recalling the vibrant style of comic-book illustrations that he grew up reading. These canvases express a sense of flowing motion and color combined with the visages of classic heroic, romantic, and villainous images. His most recent exhibition was held at “The Annie”—1 Washington St. Gloucester in June 2011 as the Theatre/Gallery was having its grand opening.There are remaining pieces from Danny’s first collection of limited canvases still available from this site!


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