Bringing you the very highest quality custom mural art and graffiti stylings since 2009

Custom House Painting

“The rooms look better than they’ve ever looked since we bought the house.”

It’s amazing what an expertly applied fresh coat of paint can do for the atmosphere and the value of your home. Working with a professional that understands color theory and lighting design ensures a satisfying result.  Danny has been beautifying homes on the north shore for fifteen years. He is diligent regarding the prep work required for his projects, creating sound, seamless surfaces before ever taking out any paint. When it’s time to choose paints, Danny has an extensive knowledge of the chemistry behind the products that he uses, and can advise a client on the best possible choice for the job. He is known for crisp, sharp lines and error-free high-gloss trim work. He is also very experienced with staining, as you can see in the photos from the Jacobi House in Marblehead, refinished in the summer of 2011. A beautiful natural-shingled house set directly on the ocean’s edge, the Jacobi place required several coats of a deeply penetrating stain to protect it from salt exposure. The result is a smooth, glossy sheen with a warm, red cedar color that will last for years to come.

If you have an interior that’s in need of rejuvenation, Danny is capable of resurrecting very damaged interiors and turning them into finely finished rooms. Take a look at the Francis House for example, a property dating back to the nineteenth century that had taken plenty of abuse through the years, as well as a recent renovation. The trim and walls needed a great deal of preparatory care and the ancient glossy paint left behind required a special primer, but now that the project is complete, the interior feels like a brand new home; or as Mrs. Francis put it, “The rooms look better than they’ve ever looked since we bought the house.”


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