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Burning with Fritz the Cat

Beverly, MA July 2015

Beverly, MA July 2015

Last week I was up late watching Netflix and had the pleasure of watching “The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat”, an animated film based on the comic strip by the famous R. Crumb. Being an alley cat myself, I knew we’d eventually get down. Smoking Burner by PYSE, Fritz the Cat by a VERY special anonymous guest (Fritz sketch by PYSE). I’ve been really stoked on transparent paints lately, evidenced here by the starburst on the far left and the smoke drifting from Fritz’s, a ‘hem, cigarette.

Beverly, MA July 2015

Beverly, MA July 2015

Fritz Sketch


Hangin’ around in the Lost and Found

PYSE drops a portrait of the late, great Elliott Smith in Lexington, KY.

Elliott Pan

Elliott Mid-Range

KY Pyse

ATL v2.0

Pyse Dead-Letter @ Krog St. 2 Pyse Krog St. 2

Krog St. Detail 3 Krog St. Detial 1 Krog St. Detail 2

Pyse returns to the Krog St. Tunnel, Atlanta with a Dead-Letter in one hand and a Burner in the other. March 2015